David Lyons Photography is the result of me moving a favorite hobby into a part-time profession; from an enthusiast to artist if you will.

I started taking pictures long before the digital age; when a roll of 36 exposure film was 36 chances. Chances that were not judged until you picked up the envelope from the drug store and saw how many of your shots were good, and how many were not. It was not a career, so budgeting for film and printing tightened the rules of engagement, and made one really pay attention to what camera settings and the environment had to offer.  I also spent several years in a pre-press color house, where images were prepared for printing for advertisements, catalogues, books, etc.  I gained an incredible insight into color, balance and composition doing that job; working with some of the most talented creative directors of the time.

Fast forward several years, when I realized how much I missed shooting pictures, the evolution of digital photography and the opportunities it brings, and a passion is reignited.

So here is what I have to offer.

High quality images created at locations of your choice for super competitive prices. Yes, competitive. Pictures of you, your family, events, etc., at prices that you can afford. I am not charging a lot because I am a weekend warrior, a part timer who takes a great deal of satisfaction in creating photos that people love.

I can be reached with an email at davidlyonsphoto@gmail.com